Heavy Duty Services

At Gears & Rears we can service any part or unit that we sell. As Lower Mainland’s heavy duty power train parts & service experts we have the knowledgeable staff and top quality parts that help you reduce your downtime.


Transmission & Differential Repairs/Rebuilding

After a number of diagnostic tests, our certified technicians will remove your transmission or differential and disassemble it. Each part is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. Rebuilt transmissions are dynotested to ensure all components are working properly.

Removal & Reinstallation

Our mechanics will remove, repair, remanufacture and reinstall any component or unit we service. Providing top-notch service and quality parts to the heavy truck industry is Gears & Rears‘ number one priority.


Preventive Maintenance

Gears & Rears offers regularly scheduled servicing, inspections and vehicle repairs to prevent potential problems and maximize the availability of your truck. If preventive maintenance is not performed regularly, vehicle lifespan will be greatly reduced.

Clutch Repairs and Adjustments

If you are having problems with your clutch, we will inspect for any damage caused by over-heating and wear & tear. The clutch may simply need an internal or linkage adjustment and lubrication. Gears & Rears carries Sachs, Eaton and Lipe heavy duty clutches should it need to be replaced.


Computerized Diagnostics

Our factory-trained technicians are second to none when it comes to diagnosing your drive train components. From automotive to heavy duty, our experienced technicians with OEM software can diagnose your vehicle problem with ease.


Our specialized service department understands your specific application and product lines thoroughly. We ensure that problems are diagnosed in a timely, cost-effective manner identifying and addressing not only the symptoms of the problem but also pinpointing the cause to prevent repeat failures.


Hydraulic/PTO Repairs & System Installations

Our factory-trained technicians can perform any hydraulic or truck mounted equipment maintenance or repair you may need. If you require installation, our full-service shop facilities are well equipped to handle the toughest jobs.

Exchange Units & Parts

Gears & Rears carries an extensive inventory of heavy duty transmissions, differentials, clutches, transfer cases, axles and hard parts, keeping your downtime to a minimum.