Heavy Duty Truck Hydraulics

At Gears & Rears we offer parts or service for all your truck hydraulic needs. We stock a huge inventory of parts and complete units to cover any application and can supply complete Wet Line Kits for all your hydraulic applications. These include dump, walking floor, picker, and product pump/dry bulk, as well as parts and individual components. Our vendors include Parker Hydraulics, Parker Chelsea, Fabco Automotive and R. Cushman Division, Permco Hydraulics, Sunfab Pumps, APSCO Controls, Wescon Cables and Controls, American Mobile Reservoirs, Bondioli, and Marzoochi.

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hd_chelsea_ptoGears & Rears offers the complete line of Parker Chelsea Power Take-Off units and parts. Chelsea has been serving the auxiliary power market since 1945 with the broadest coverage in the industry. Parker Chelsea PTOs are designed with a wide range of internal speeds, torque capacities and output options to match up with virtually all driven equipment requirements. Offering a complete line of Power Take-Offs for North America, Asia Pacific, Australia, China, India and Europe, including cast iron 6-Bolt, 8-Bolt, 10-Bolt, counter shaft, split-shaft and front engine mount applications Chelsea PTOs can fit any application you need.  Features include mechanical shift, power shift, constant engaged shift options, over speed controls and flanges for direct or remote mounting of hydraulic pumps, blowers, water pumps, product pumps and generators.

Our Parker Chelsea PTO Models Include:

  • 442/489 Series – Standard Duty Mechanical Shift PTO
  • 660/680 Series – Medium Duty Mechanical Shift PTO
  • 880 Series – Heavy Duty Mechanical Shift PTO
  • 823 Series – Super Heavy Duty Mechanical Shift PTO
  • 270/271 Series – Hot Shift PTO for Light Duty Allison & Aisin Transmissions
  • 280 Series – New 280 Series for HD & MD Allison and Cat Transmissions (Replaces the 277/278 Series)
  • 870 Series – New 870 Heavy Duty Series for HD & MD Allison and Cat Transmissions (Replaces the 859 Series)
  • 890/892 Series – New 890 Series Extended Tube PTO for HD & MD series Allisons
  • 247 Series – Designed for Ford 5 speed transmission
  • 249 Series – Designed for the Ford 6 speed transmission ~ Patent Pending “Quiet” PTO
  • 523 Series – Thru Shaft PTO for rear mount transmission opening
  • 230/236/238 Series – Hotshift PTO for Mechanical transmissions
  • 340/348/863 Series – Forward and Reverse PTO applications – Standard and Heavy Duty
  • 941/901/912 Series – Split Shaft PTO Applications

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call, we can help you find the best Chelsea PTO for your application.

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If you need something with a higher horse power to operate your equipment than a transmission mounted Chelsea can handle, ask about our Fabco R. Cushman line of split shaft PTOs. Rated up to 650 HP of continuous duty, with gearing ground to typically higher than AGMA standards, Fabco R. Cushman split shaft PTOs can get the job done. Trust Gears & Rears to supply the right power take-off for your application needs.

Our Fabco PTO Models Include:

  • Model 518A – 2 shaft split shaft PTO
  • Model 500 – 3 shaft split shaft PTO
  • Model 529 – 3 shaft “High Torque” split shaft PTO
  • Model 529A – Direct mount option for Allison Transmission
  • Model 309-488 – Creep Drive System

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call, we can help you find the best Fabco PTO for your application.



At Gears & Rears we supply all components for your hydraulic application including pumps, motors, valves, filters, reservoirs, coolers, and cab controls. Gears & Rears vendors for these products include Parker, Sunfab, Permco, Gualit Gear, Char Lynn, American Mobile, APSCO inc, Wescon Controls, and Buyers Products. With such a wide range of vendors we can supply components that deliver ideal performance even in the most demanding applications.


  • Dump Pumps
  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Bent Axis Piston Pumps
  • Load Sensing Variable Displacement Pumps
  • Dry Valve Pumps
  • Unloader Pumps
  • Clutch Pumps

  • LSHT Geroler Motors
  • Gear Motors
  • Vane Motors
  • Piston Motors

  • Directional Control Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Flow Control Vales

  • Return Line Low Pressure
  • High Pressure
  • Off Line Systems

  • Steel & Aluminum
  • Upright, Frame & Side Mount
  • Custom Sizes

  • AC/DC Electric Fan Motors
  • Hydraulic Fan Motors
Cab Controls

  • Air Controls
  • Cable Controls
  • Wireless Controls


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call, we can help you find any hydraulic part for your application.