Heavy Duty Transmissions

hd_transmissionAt Gears & Rears we have an inventory of transmissions & parts for virtually every trucking application, from medium duty to 5 speeds up to heavy duty 20 speeds. Whether you need a main auxiliary, split torque, or overdrive transmission, we’ve got the parts or complete units.

Our inventory includes:

  • Medium Duty 5 Speed up to Heavy Duty 20 Speed Transmissions
  • Main and Auxiliary Transmissions
  • Single and Twin Countershaft Transmissions
  • Synchronized or Unsynchronized Transmissions
  • Split Torque or Overdrive Transmissions

We also offer parts for your transmission including:

  • Master Overhaul Kits
  • Seals &¬†Bearings
  • Input / Output Shafts
  • Gear Sets
  • Synchro Assemblies
  • Shift Towers
  • Main &¬†Counter Shafts

In addition to supplying you with parts, Gears & Rears can repair or rebuild your transmission. After a number of diagnostic tests, our certified technicians will remove your transmission and disassemble it. Each part is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. Remanufactured transmissions are dynotested to ensure all components are working properly and are backed by a 30 month unlimited mileage warranty. *If you purchase a Sachs clutch from Gears & Rears the warranty on the remanufactured transmission is extended to 36 months.